Amber Portwood's Daughter Leah Is Better Off in the TV Spotlight

More disturbing news about Amber Portwood ... The Teen Mom star is rumored to be on suicide watch while in jail, and according to sources, she is trying to quit Teen Mom so she can live a "normal life" when she gets out. Portwood, 21, is reportedly trying to get out of her contract with MTV because she feels exploited, and her mother, Tonya, is allegedly negotiating with MTV to release the troubled reality star. While this may be good for Portwood, this may very well be a terrible idea for her daughter, Leah.

Don’t get me wrong, I do not think growing up with cameras in your face 24/7 is a good idea. Hell, I hesitate to write about my son and I never use his name for fear of protecting his privacy. However, in this family's case, the more in the public eye Leah is, the safer she may be.


First, there is the money. Portwood is a convicted felon with a documented drug problem. She is on probation already, and who knows what these new charges will do to her freedom? How is this girl going to get any other job to support her daughter? She has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and needs medication -- where will their health insurance come from and what if Amber, once she's no longer employed by MTV, can’t afford to take her medication? I wish we lived in a world where convicted felons who want to turn their lives around got good jobs easily, but we don’t. Add the notoriety and documented unreliability and who on earth would hire her. Teen Mom may be her only hope at a paycheck.

Second, while on TV, Leah is being watched like a hawk. There is no way Mason County Indiana law enforcement isn’t watching her because they know the world is watching them. Without the attention Teen Mom brings to Leah, no one ever would have known she lived in an environment where her mother violently attacks her father. And Gary is far from a fit parent. The cameras need to stay on him because if this is how he parents when people are watching, imagine what he does when they aren’t. So many kids live in abusive situations and we never know it. Here is a chance to protect one of them.

I don’t envy the jobs of the Teen Mom cameramen. So many times I have thought that I could not just film that, I’d have to stop it (Farrah letting her daughter turn the hot water on herself in the sink anyone?), but in a strange way, they are also protecting these babies. I don’t think anyone is proud of it, but it is the reality of the situation.

Are Amber and Leah better off without Teen Mom?

Image via MTV

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