'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Kailyn Needs New Men in Her Life

It was a night of a million doctors and bad men on Teen Mom 2 and in Kailyn's case, there was a little of both. Still, things do seem to be moving along for most of the moms and, in some cases, they seem a little better.

The drama between Chelsea and Adam continued with Adam clearly needing to get lost (as per usual). Still, he took Aubree for a day, which seems to be more than what he usually does. Thank God for small favors. In fact, Chelsea needs to dump this dude, but what else is new?

Along those same lines, Jenelle managed to see Kieffer and drive him to jail on the assault charges against her. Because that makes sense, right? Still, for once Chelsea and Jenelle did not win the jerky boyfriend awards in this episode. That honor went to Kailyn.


For all her problems, Kailyn is a girl who has a good head on her shoulders. She is proactive about things like organic cleaning products, getting her own apartment and using good birth control. She is a good mom and she is mostly responsible.

But she is not good at picking men -- either male doctors of boyfriends. Jordan is the new man with whom she must protect herself. After visiting her (incredibly creepy) male doctor who described, in great detail, how it would feel to have a Mirena IUD shoved up her vagina and into her uterus, she went back to her boyfriend who was no help. With the doctor, one could only wonder one thing: How would he know how it felt? And with Jordan, it was about the same.

Seriously, it is hard enough for these young girls to go to the doctor to get quality birth control so why add a male doctor to the mix? Maybe I am a bit prejudiced as I have never (and would never) visit a male OB/GYN. I want parenting advice from parents, cooking advice from people who cook and female part advice from people who have female parts. So why on Earth would Kailyn see a male doctor?

Even worse, her boyfriend Jordan with whom she is having sex, can't even talk about birth control. I'd say it is a pretty sad sign for a man when he can't even have a conversation about a uterus without blushing and giggling. Get a grip, Jordan! And even though he later apologized, it is insanely immature to make her take care of everything for protecting them and then not even give her the benefit of an open conversation. She probably wants to proceed with caution with this dude.

Of course she won't. Sigh. Why is this so obvious to anyone who watches, but not to the girls themselves?

Do you think Kailyn should see a male OB/GYN?


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