'Teen Mom' Leah Messer Does Not Need Another Baby

Leah Messer Teen MomEver wonder if those Teen Mom girls actually learn from their mistakes? Rumors that Leah Messer -- mom to 2-year-old twins Ali and Aleeah -- might already be pregnant with her third child are slamming the nail in that coffin but good!

It could be true or not -- it comes out of tabloid-y In Touch after all -- but friends have been saying the 19-year-old was off her birth control and actively trying to get pregnant with new boyfriend Jeremy Calvert. At 19! With two kids at home, including one who has serious health issues!


Baby number three is the last thing she needs when daughter Ali is going through major medical issues -- the start of which we're really just seeing on this season of Teen Mom 2 with MRIs of her brain and spine. Parenting a special needs child is not for the faint of heart, and she's got one other baby to take care of. A third child would just take away from those two girls' needs, and tax the limited resources of a 19-year-old and her 22-year-old boyfriend.

Sadly, the whole thing fits right into the "fly by the seat of your pants" persona most of these girls have developed on-screen. Instead of motherhood forcing them to grow up, it's as though they've skipped some crucial late teen years when you learn to balance wants against responsibility. Instead there's the sense that "woohoo, I'm an adult now, I can do whatever I want!" Can't you just see them all sticking out their tongues and saying "nanny, nanny boo boo"? It could be the new promo for the show!

And Leah is one of the worst of the bunch.

She's the teen who was pregnant just one month after she started dating older guy Corey Simms. She's the mom who didn't have enough patience to stick with one guy after giving birth, forcing the two to break up because she was cheating back when they were on Teen Mom 2 precursor 16 & Pregnant. And she's the one who jumped right back into living with Corey even while her family was saying "no, no, wait, stop!"

And look where that one ended up? The couple's marriage lasted all of six months! You'd think that would have been a wake-up call that something was wrong, but now Leah's already shacking up with Jeremy and talking about engagement less than a year after her first marriage imploded (and just four months into their relationship). If Leah isn't already pregnant with baby number three, it seems like she's on a fast track to being there pretty darn soon.

Do you think another baby is a good move for Leah and family?


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