'Bachelor' Ben Flajnik Kicks 'Boring Ben' Label With Sexy Video (VIDEO)

Ben Flajnik's season of   may forever be known as "the boring season." Even though it has not even started, the fact is, most people started yawning the day he was announced. Well, they can stop that. A new video Flajnik made recently has surfaced, apparently against his wishes. And rest assured "Cream Dreams" will kill any boring image of Ben Flajnik forever.

Personally, I had to watch it three times just to believe the soft-spoken sweet man who turned down Jennifer Love Hewitt's date would have an alter ego named Storm Horse who sings some seriously dirty (and NSFW) lyrics. See below:



Crazy, huh? It is the opposite of the laid back winemaker we had all come to know. I expect this from some contestant, but not from Flajnik. Between this and his butt exposure, I am actually starting to think there may be more to this season than meets the eye.

This video actually was released while Ben was still on The Bachelorette and he was furious about it. He still is, but he really shouldn't be. The fact is, this video is the best thing that could happen for Ben. He actually seems cool, like someone you might want to know.

Until now, I was expecting to be bored this season. Now I am expecting some laughs and sexuality.

January 2 is looking better and better.

Are you thinking of Ben differently now?


Image via YouTube

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