7 Biggest Reality Television Moments of 2011

Kim Kardashian's WeddingReality television is seemingly here to stay. Though it appears to get more scripted with each new show, it's still often shocking enough to make us want to believe there's no way they could have made this stuff up. Sometimes you just have to commit to enjoying it for what it is ... whatever it is.

This year has brought some big moments. From weddings to funerals, fights to victories, these people who have signed up to share their lives with us have shocked us repeatedly. Here are seven of the biggest moments in reality television this year. And just remember, biggest doesn't necessarily mean the best. In fact, when it comes to reality TV, it's usually quite the opposite.


1. Kim Kardashian's Wedding

It was THE event of the year when Kim Kardashian said "I do" to Kris Humphries. The dresses, the flowers, the fabulous guests -- all the makings of a fairy tale were there, which we all got to see weeks later in the four-hour television special, "Kim's Fairy Tale Wedding."

2. Kim Kardashian's Divorce

Just 72-days later, the fairy tale took a bitter twist when instead of living happily ever after, they said so long to their marriage and filed for divorce. So far, no divorce special has been announced, but I wouldn't be surprised if 2012 brings one.

3. Jersey Shore Goes to Italy

Italy will never be the same after the guidos and guidettes made their mark. From brawls to car crashes, it's hard to narrow this season to one "biggest" moment, but Deena and Snooki's makeout session is probably up there.

4. Nancy Grace's Nipple Slip on Dancing With the Stars

Oops. Nancy certainly got people talking with that one, but denying it and claiming it was an "optical illusion" instead of the obvious nipple it was was just ridiculous. That moment was only marginally more shocking than the one in which she totally let one rip. Oh, Nancy.

5. Russell Armstrong's Suicide

News that Russell Armstrong, the husband of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Taylor Armstrong, had committed suicide this summer rocked the world of reality television. Since then Bravo has received more than a little criticism for going on with the show's current season, but they keep going.

6. Toddlers and Tiaras Takes on Prostitutes

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse than flippers and spray tans forced on little girls, they go and dress one up like a hooker.

7. Rachel Crow's Elimination From XFactor

Not only was the decision to eliminate this fan favorite shocking, but her reaction to the elimination was too. Whether fake or not, it was certainly dramatic.

What other big reality TV moments from 2011 would you add to this list?

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