'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Recap: Friends Don't Sue Friends

Taylor ArmstrongIt's still uncomfortable to watch Russell Armstrong on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills since his tragic suicide death earlier this year. It's almost impossible not to think of all the what ifs and what might have beens if only someone -- including him -- had just done this or that differently. Tonight, more than ever, those questions were front and center as the gang geared up for Kyle Richards' big White Party.

The episode opened with Adrienne Maloof getting word from Camille Grammer that Russell had sent an email threatening to sue her for making what he claimed were false statements. All Camille did was repeat the horrible things Taylor Armstrong told them all that Russell did to her, so a lawsuit seemed groundless, but still, no one wanted to risk being sued or be around someone who would do that.


But there Russell and Taylor were on the way to the party all lovey dovey and marveling over what a good boy Russell had become. Though Kyle repeatedly tried, no one could get a hold of Taylor to warn and uninvite her until she and Russell showed up.

Then it all went down.

It was actually pretty ugly the way they handled it. Instead of Kyle and Mauricio going out and explaining to the Armstrongs that they didn't feel comfortable with them attending, the whole gang -- minus Camille -- went out to confront them. I'm sure they felt more than a little ganged upon, and it really wasn't necessary -- more like everyone wanted a front-row view of the drama.

Russell tried to defend the email as being "kind," and Taylor claimed to have no knowledge that it was even sent. It was also really questionable as to what exactly Taylor told Russell that Camille said. In the end, they took off in their limo, and Kyle went back to her party a sobbing mess.

So that was all quite heavy. Then there was a little lighter drama when it came to Kim Richards and her ongoing feud with Brandi Glanville, who she will NEVER forgive for daring to imply she might be on drugs. One minute she was telling anyone who would listen about how she was going to break Brandi's other leg if she wasn't careful, and the next she was in Brandi's face.

Like a crazy little Chihuahua yapping at a Great Dane, Kim kept trying to stick to it Brandi. To her credit, Brandi pretty much kept her calm and just seemed bewildered and a bit amused at Kim's behavior. It was pretty apparent that some kind of substance was contributing to her crazy tirade when one second she was letting Dana Wilkey (why is she on this show, again?) feel her boobs and the next she was chastising Brandi for cursing and anything else she could think of.

"It's a shame a pretty girl like you has a truck driver mouth," Kim told her in a scary troll voice, wagging her finger precariously close to Brandi's face. Brandi admitted she does in fact have a mouth like a truck driver, then almost made Kim's head pop off when she let off a string of f-bombs. Meanwhile, Kim's man Ken just stood around grinning his goofy grin, and maybe grunting a total of one word the entire episode.

Previews for next week show more white party action next week. Sadly, we know how at least one of these scenarios ends.

Do you think the rest of the Housewives and husbands handled the confrontation with Russell and Taylor Armstrong appropriately? What did you think of Kim's fight with Brandi?

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