'Bachelor' Ben Flajnik Made Right Decision in Rejecting Jennifer Love Hewitt

I want to hate Bachelor Ben Flajnik because it is just more fun to watch the show when you can't stand the people on it. But he is just so darn cute and sweet and seemingly smart that he is growing on me more and more. Now, I have to say I really am starting to like him after learning the reason he decided not to pursue a romance with Jennifer Love Hewitt.

It turns out Flajnik was not impressed by her giant rack or her money or her B-grade fame. Flajnik is looking for real love. He told People Magazine that although she asked him out and they did go to dinner, he ultimately decided not to pursue anything.

He said:



It was right in the middle of the time when I was deciding to be the Bachelor. When this is all said and done, ending up with a Hollywood celebrity is not something that I want.

Why does he have to be so darn likable? Dating "Love" would have upped his cool factor considerably and he could have had sex with the woman rumored to have inspired John Mayer's "Your Body is a Wonderland."

Mostly I have not liked the Bachelors past, but Flajnik did seem to have a genuine sweet nature that has been lacking in past contestants who were full of themselves and looking for fame.

He will probably change over the season as fame takes over and he is the apple of dozens of women's eyes. But he started out more genuine than many in the past, so maybe there is hope.

When his season starts on January 2, I am sure I will have plenty of snark up my sleeve, but his reasons for rejecting Hewitt are so genuine, real and understandable, that it is awfully hard to hate on him. He made a good choice.

Now let's hope he does it again!

Do you like Ben?


Image via ABC

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