All Rodney Atkins Needs Now is a Dead Dog

Rodney AtkinsCountry singer Rodney Atkins has had a rough couple of months in the relationship department. In fact, it's so depressing and full of woe, that if only his dog died, he just might have the makings for a pretty strong new country song.

It all culminated today with news he has filed for divorce from his wife of more than 10 years, Tammy Jo Atkins, based on claims that she made false charges against him back in November that aren't pretty at all. According to People, she claims while they were arguing he tired to "smother her with a pillow" and that he "grabbed her by the face and threw her down a hallway in front of their 10-year-old son Elijah."

He denies the charges, and says she's lying. I can hear the twang starting now ...


Both are serious charges. Of course, if he did act in such a violent manner toward his wife, then he needs serious help and strong punishment (and the song would perhaps need to be written from behind bars in that case). But if she's lying, that's a pretty horrible thing to do to someone's reputation and image, and she should be punished instead.

At this point it's pretty much a he-said-she-said scenario that has no real positive outcome either way it goes. It's just sad though and through, like a lot of country music. He really doesn't even need the dog. And worst of all is the thought of their son, who is caught in the middle of it all.

While Atkins was arrested the evening of the alleged incident back in November, he was later released on $2,500 bail. A hearing has been set for January, and in the meantime he's still performing and traveling and asking his fans to stand by him. He's "confident the truth will prevail," his attorney said in a statement. Let's hope so, whatever that may be.

Are you surprised to learn of these charges against Rodney Atkins? Are you a fan? And if so, does this change your opinion of  him?

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