'Baseball Wives' Recap: Anna Benson's Act Is Getting Old

Baseball Wives There's a lot I admire about Anna Benson and her brazen, shocking, tell-it-like-it-is nature, but this week on Baseball Wives, it was apparent she's really trying to force her bad girl reputation for all it's worth. And it's not pretty. In fact, she pretty much just came off as a bully.

Clearly her role is to stir drama on the show, and she's unreservedly stepped up to do just that. But it's too much. This week picked up where we left off last week in the heated discussion between Anna and Cheri Knoblauch. There was more shouting, more accusations, and no resolution whatsoever -- big surprise. While Cheri absolutely came to pick a fight, not everyone wants to take on Anna. Anna, however, often gives them no choice.


For some reason she sees it as her duty to make Erika Monroe Williams lighten up. She went under the guise of getting Erika to give her pointers on broadcast journalism, but Anna's motives aren't exactly what Erika thinks they are.

"I'm really here to teach her my craft – how to shock people," Anna said to the cameras.

So she proceeded to take Erika's time and tips, then totally embarrass her at her place of work by reading her raunchy monologue in front of all of Erika's co-workers. It was beyond rude and wasn't even funny. Erika left but was a good sport about it.

Then Anna proceeded to film some off-color man-on-the-street interviews, which again weren't funny or even that shocking. They were dumb, and her bizarre winks were just distracting. But once again, Erika took her time to invite Anna and her husband to her house to view them and talk about them. Anna once again wasted that time with her ridiculous conversation with her mink stole, Mr. Minky. It was embarrassing really to watch her, because it was so awful. And I truly was waiting for lightning to strike her when she said, "Baseball wives have to stick together."

Reports say that Erika has already left the show and won't be returning for any more. I can't say I blame her after seeing how Anna treated her. Based on previews, there's even more to come.

Basically I think Anna once was a free-spirited person who just naturally shocked people and would have been a hell of a lot of fun to hang out with. But now, her act is getting old, especially when it's forced like this for the show. There's a difference between being wild and outrageous and being mean and bitter, and Anna seems to be falling in the latter camp lately.

Do you think Anna Benson's behavior is out of line? Are you surprised to know Erika is leaving the show?

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