'Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood' Recap: Mission Hide the Baby Bump

Tori SpellingOn this week’s episode of Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood, Tori Spelling had two missions. The first: To save the new fledgling store she and Dean opened. And the second: To hide her growing baby bump.

At eight weeks along into her third pregnancy, she looked pretty darn pregnant, though she kept blaming it on the dress she wore to Liam’s party. She said she’s superstitious and that she thinks it’s bad luck to announce a pregnancy before three months. Many women feel the same way and chose to wait until they get through that first trimester, but many women aren't Tori Spelling.


So looking for a way to escape the persistent paparazzi and to buy some new furniture to save their store, the gang headed to Texas. But there wasn’t much yee-hawing as the trip started out as a bust when they found prices there were higher than they were in Los Angeles. At least there were no paparazzi.

But after some barbecue and bull riding, day two started out better as they started finding some bargains. Soon they were in a buying frenzy, and the trip was deemed a success. And what better way to celebrate a successful trip than by getting a new baby goat and a new fluffy chicken. Now, I'm an animal lover, but I've got to say that all those animals running around IN their house make me nervous.

Anyway, as Tori prepared to throw a baby shower for her store manager, she was all set to rock a tight dress with Spanx hiding her belly in order to dupe the press. Only she couldn't squeeze herself into the Spanx. 

After seeing magazine pics of herself from that event homed in on her baby bump (which she says was doctored) and declaring her pregnant, she was furious. “It just sucks ... it’s my body; it’s my baby bump. I should be entitled to hide it from the world for three months if I want to,” she said tearfully.

Though I wanted to feel sorry for her, it was a little difficult to as I was watching her cry about it on her own reality show. I still love her though.

What did you think of Tori Spelling’s attempts to hide her baby bump? Did you/would you want to wait at least three months before announcing your own pregnancy?

Image via Oxygen

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