Lindsay Lohan Screws Up the Only Thing Worse Than a Court Date

playboy lindsay lohan coverYou have GOT to be kidding me. Lindsay Lohan was all set and scheduled to appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this week (it was already being promoted and everything!), and get this, she frickin' missed her flight back to Los Angeles -- meaning she missed the Ellen taping that was scheduled today! WTF, Lindsay!?

When you get your has-been butt booked on Ellen's show on which Ellen (!!!) agrees to sit down and chat with you, as well as debut your silly Playboy spread, you find a way to get there. I don't care about all your usual complications (that followed you to Hawaii). I don't care about your "travel-related issues." You rent a private jet. You take a speedboat. You swim if you have to! You can't screw over Ellen, for godssake.


Most celebrities, especially those who can't seem to get any good press, would die to be on Ellen's show. I mean, for one thing, she's Ellen! Who doesn't love her? Secondly, she's Ellen! You know the hilarious, dancing, #1 talk show host in America who books all the who's who of Hollywood -- daily!!!

Lindsay's saint of a rep, Steve Honig, told E!, "Lindsay had a travel-related issue arise that took a few hours to sort out." I don't even want to try to guess about what kind of issue this might have been.

This isn't the first time Lindsay Lohan has had problems delivering on a commitment that the rest of us would find to be an easy peasy no-brainer -- like showing up to sit down and talk with Ellen DeGeneres for some of the best promotion a celebrity can find. Clearly, her personal and emotional issues continue to get in the way of her ability to simply suit up and show up, and sadly, that just doesn't bode well for her career.

Then there's that other critical appointment she has scheduled for tomorrow -- you know, just a little probation checkup in court with the judge. Honig confirmed that Lohan "will be back in Los Angeles in time for her court appearance."

That's good, I guess. Except that she blew off Ellen. And I could be wrong, but that diss seems to have way worse repercussions that missing a court date. I mean, they never put her in jail for long anyway. The talk show circuit probably isn't quite that forgiving.

Would you ever think of dissing Ellen DeGeneres?


Image via Playboy

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