'Fear Factor' Return to Television is Repulsive

Fear FactorGrab the antacids, six years after it was laid to rest, the iconic show Fear Factor is returning to television tomorrow night to test the strength of America's stomachs. Joe Rogan is coming back with it after hosting the show during its original stint from 2001- 2006, and he promises everything this time is going to be bigger, badder, and more disgusting than ever.

I was never a huge fan of the show ... at least in large doses. It was the kind of show I couldn't turn away from, but couldn't watch with both eyes open either. Not because it was fear-inducing really -- we can see that elsewhere -- but because it was vomit-inducing. Sure they do some risky stuff too, but it's really the gross-out factor that this show was made on. For whatever reason, there's just something entertaining about being pushed to the point you want to puke.


Do you remember when they had to drink the inside contents of cow intestines? Or the pizza with a cow bile crust and coagulated blood paste for sauce? I'm not sure my stomach has been the same since. Now they're out to prove they can be even grosser, and I'm terrified to see just how far they push it this time in the name of big bang return. They're making big promises

Things like, oh, I don't know ... challenging contestants to dunk their heads in 3,000 GALLONS OF COW BLOOD and retrieve cows' hearts with their teeth.  Oh yes. Matt Kunitz, an executive producer for the show, told the New York Times, they've been working with a meat processing plant to collect the blood for months.

Remember the bees? Oh there will be bees, only now there will be two times as many, and they'll have to eat 20 of the live bees. It's all just so disgusting it's ... intriguing.

It will be interesting to see if America still has an appetite for the incredibly unappetizing. Perhaps our stomachs have become stronger over the years, and we won't be so easily amused/repulsed. More likely, however, is the chance that we've been starving for this blatant and hearty physical gross-out fix while we've been dining on a steady diet of reality TV that's just filled with moral repugnance.

Are you glad to see Fear Factor return? Will you watch?

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