Lindsay Lohan 'Playboy' Pics Aren't Her Biggest Problem Now

Lindsay Lohan

UPDATE: Lindsay's purse and papers have been returned. The only thing missing is the $10,000 in cash that was in it. No one is sure exactly who took it, but the real question is why on earth she would bring that kind of cash to a party.

As the world (or at least a seedy segment of it) clamors to see Lindsay Lohan's nude Playboy pictures that leaked last week, Lilo herself is basking on a beach in Hawaii. Only now her little vacay has turned into a bit of a deja-vu-style nightmare, and the problem with her pictures is suddenly the least of her worries.


According to TMZ, sources say she was at a house party last night in Laie, Hawaii, behaving herself (i.e. not drinking) when her purse was stolen. Now, not only was it the $5,000 Chanel bag that was a major bummer to lose, but also in the bag were some very important documents. So she's currently stuck in Hawaii without her passport or other identification, and she's left without the paperwork from her probation officer that granted her permission to be on this vacation.

The timing couldn't be worse either.

She has to be back in Los Angeles by Wednesday for a probation hearing. Hopefully, she'll get things figured out STAT, because If she's not back for that, she could be in big trouble and even find herself back in jail, according to TMZ. So much for relaxation.

I almost want to feel a tad sorry for Lindsay on this one. I mean she's been pretty good lately, pulling through at the morgue and all. And hey, it could happen to anyone, right? But it's the fact that almost this exact same thing happened to her about a year ago that is just baffling to me.

Oh yes, this is the second time that not only has her passport been reportedly stolen, but that it interfered with a court date. It was in Cannes last year that she was in pretty much the same situation and had to skip a mandatory court hearing. Can one person really have such bad luck? And why would anyone take all that stuff to a party?

Seems to me Lindsay needs to learn a lesson and either keep better tabs on her important stuff or even better yet, stop engaging in behavior that requires so many flipping court dates. Her story is getting so old and repetitive in so many ways it's ridiculous.

Are you surprised to learn that Lindsay Lohan had her identification papers stolen again right before she's due in court?

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