Michelle Duggar's Miscarriage Is a Sign From God

michelle duggar miscarriageOr her uterus. Either/or. But some people are saying that this miscarriage is indeed a sign from God that the Duggars should stop having babies. No matter whether you agree or disagree with the way the Duggar family has chosen to live its quiverfull life, we can all agree that suffering a miscarriage is simply horrifying. And when Michelle Duggar lost what would have been her 20th baby this week, most of us feel for this mom of many. Whether it's your first, or 21st, a miscarriage is incredibly painful and not something I would wish on my worst enemy.

At the same time, I couldn't help but wonder what Michelle's physician was telling her at this time. She is 45 years old and has given birth to 19 children, one of whom was born dangerously premature. Is s/he advising Michelle and Jim Bob to put a halt to the Duggar family business? Should s/he be? And more importantly (to the Duggar family, anyway), what does God think about all of this?


I don't know the OB/GYN and I don't have a direct line to ask God what he or she thinks, so I'm going to leave that up to the Duggars. All I know is my baby making would have been over as soon as I was lucky enough to bring Josie home from the hospital. I would thank God and call it a day. While I couldn't get the Duggar doc on the line, Yvonne Bohn spoke out on The Daily Beast about what she would think, as an OB/GYN. Bohn couldn't be clearer when she says a 45-year-old woman with a history of preeclampsia, premature delivery, 19 children, and four c-sections is basically a nightmare scenario.

Bohn also asks why in the world a woman would do this to herself when the odds of her surviving preeclampsia again are not great, and having a fifth c-section is dangerous for both the mother and the baby. Which is to say, at this point, it seems like a religious woman would have to rely on God to step in rather than rely on her own body.

Do you think Michelle Duggar's miscarriage is a sign from God?


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