Kris Humphries May Be the World's Most Gullible Guy

Kris HumphriesDrat! Kris Humphries has been foiled again. If we're to believe him, he was just bamboozled by the Kardashian clan into going along with the marriage to Kim Kardashian. He claims it was all a fraud, and he, innocent guy that he is, was just duped.

Funny thing is, now just a few weeks later, he's claiming he was scammed again. Talk about dumb luck ... with an emphasis on the dumb. TMZ reports that Humphries claims he was bilked out of $617,000. Not only that, the guy who allegedly did the bilking, Andrey C. Hicks, attended his wedding.


In total Hicks is said to have scammed $2.5 million from 10 investors, including Humphries. Instead of putting it in a hedge fund like he said he would, however, Hicks did a little shopping for himself. Among the things he snagged: "A 2011 black Range Rover, 12 luxury watches, one diamond engagement ring, two pairs of earrings, another gold ring with diamonds, one pair of silver cuff links ... and one silver men's ring."

So now Humphs is working with federal prosecutors trying to nail this guy, and I hope they get him if he's guilty. But I also think Kris might need to do some evaluation of his own character judgement skills. Plenty of smart people have been swindled in the past, but you'd think he would have learned something from the whole Bernie Madoff fiasco. Just how many times will he get tricked before he learns his lesson?

It's frightening to think of all the things out there he could be duped by. Ocean-front property in Arizona? Emails promising to increase his girth and stamina? Invitations to a Charlie Sheen snow party?

Humphs needs to start smartening up a little bit here, or find some people to act smart for him, because he's not doing much to prove that he's not as dense as he seems on our TV screens.

Are you surprised to learn that Kris Humphries was the victim of alleged fraud again?


Image via Donald Bowers/Getty

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