Kris Humphries Uses ‘Man Caves’ to Send Kim Kardashian a Not-So-Subtle Message

Kris HumphriesYou know how Kris Humphries didn't like the intense glare of the spotlight when he was together with Kim Kardashian in their brief relationship? Well, it seems like he's gotten over that, and then some. In fact, he's recently even used that glare to send a pretty strong message to his ex: Eff you!

The Humphs is getting his own air time and recently filmed a segment of Man Caves for the DIY network. There really is a show out there for everyone, isn't there? Anyway, it was originally going to be a space in which he as a married man could retreat and get a little breather from his wife (pfft). Since there's no wife anymore, they had to improvise, so viola -- Kris got a pimped out bachelor pad.


Oh it sounds fancy, and there is a "chill lounge" concept. There are "a couple of bars, liquor dispensers, and a wall that transforms into a 120-inch projection screen." I can just see the slutty, desperate girls who want to snag him partying there now.

Not that there's anything wrong with that. He's a free man now, so he can party it up however he chooses with anyone he chooses. But it is pretty tacky and reeks of revenge. Not just the room itself, but to do it on television so soon after his breakup. No matter how bad a relationship was, no one wants their ex flaunting how great it is to be single again and rubbing it in their face, and that's just what Kris is doing by filming this. He wants to show Kim he doesn't need her and is a free agent on and off the court.

Kim may or may not care (and may or may not deserve it), but it's just in bad taste -- not that he's shown much good taste before, so I guess we shouldn't be surprised. But it's just too soon. If he had ANY feelings or respect for her -- which let's hope he had a least a little -- then he should have passed on the pimp pad show out of regard for what they once had ... even if they didn't have it very long.

Do you think Kris Humphries is using this show to send a big eff you message to Kim Kardashian? Do you think he's wrong to do so?

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