'Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood' Recap: Tori Can't Stop Partying

Tori SpellingIt was time to get the party started on tonight's episode of Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood. Or more specifically, it was time to get five parties started -- one for Liam's fourth birthday and four for Tori Spelling's party planning book celebraTORI: Unleashing Your Inner Party Planner to Entertain Friends and Family.

Daddy Dean McDermott was put in charge of Liam's Ghostbusters-themed party, and it was almost as involved as the four other parties combined. From handmade proton packs to a haunted house, it was one cool party. Dean did good. Things weren't so good, however, with all of Tori's parties.


In shooting them for the book, there were missing plates, melting desserts, tears, and a big falling out with her friend and business partner James. It was honestly good to see, because that's the stuff that really happens when you're planning a real-life party. In her book (set for release in April 2012), I'm sure it will all look idyllic and perfect, but what we saw tonight is a lot more realistic. Not that parties aren't fun and worth the work, but they're also not the effortless breezes that we're often led to think they should be.

Other big business that needed tending to on this episode -- informing friends and family that they're pregnant with their third child. In contrast to all the elaborate parties, they chose to tell those close to them in a straightforward manner -- just by telling them.

The sweetest moment of the show was when Tori shared the news with her mom, Candy Spelling. Since during her previous pregnancies, the two were having issues, this will be the first time Tori has her mama to go through all the steps with her. Their realization of that was touching.

Telling their kids about the new baby was more humorous. When Tori asked where babies came from, Liam replied, "Balls." Not ones to shy away from direct talk, Tori and Dean told him and his sister, that yes, babies come from balls a "bagina," but that the baby was now in mommy's tummy. It was one of the most amusing birds and bees talks I've ever heard, but not all that unexpected from this quirky, but very fun and loving, family.

Did you watch this week's episode of Tori and Dean? Which party did you like the best? What did you think of their birds and bees talk with Liam and Stella?

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