'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Recap: Taylor Finally Goes Over the Edge

Taylor ArmstrongAll Brandi Glanville wanted to do was fit in, but her little Malibu beach bash turned into one of the most epic Real Housewives brawls in recent history. It was a wine-fueled disaster of an event that was almost too sad to even be entertaining, because at the heart of the drama was Taylor Armstrong, who we saw in a very, very bad place.

Oh they had a little fun in the beginning with some belly dancing (the blow job training got nixed) and Kyle Richards slamming Brandi every chance she got. "It's a wedge, but no-bra" party she quipped to her posse, like a junior high mean girl. The oh-so-jealous Kyle then proceeded to shine her pointer light on Brandi's nipples, which were pretty evident, saying, "Well, they're on high beams anyway." You know, nice mature fun like that. 

But that was about it for the fun as the real drama brewing between Taylor Armstrong and Camille Grammer hit the proverbial fan.


Even though Camille had repeatedly reached out to apologize, Taylor wanted no part of it. She was still angry that Camille mentioned out loud what everyone had been whispering about -- the abuse Taylor told the ladies she suffered at the hands of her husband Russell Armstrong. She didn't hide her feelings at all, though she wouldn't do the mature thing and talk to Camille about it either.

It was after she made a pointed and not-so-quiet snide comment to Adrienne Maloof about people who she doesn't trust that Camille's friend, Dedra, "D.D." Whit, stepped in to set her straight and really just ask that she talk to Camille. While she may have overstepped her bounds (and over-drank her drinking limit) a bit, she did have a point in calling out Taylor. Being angry with someone is one thing, but sulking and storming about is pretty immature and unproductive. And as D.D. said in the end, she wasn't about to let Camille be made the villain again like she was last season.

As wine corks popped, it all turned into a big screaming match after Taylor demanded Camille go "outside!" It was made even scarier by the fact that they were on a balcony way too close to the ocean

Fortunately, no one went over the edge literally, but Taylor definitely went there in every other sense of the word. She was out of control, yelling random things like, "You have no idea what she's done to me," and sobbing without stop.

We can only guess that she means that Camille saying those things out loud would mean bad things for her when her husband found out. Earlier she even said that Camille had put her and her daughter in danger. But as Camille pointed out, the only person putting them in danger is Taylor because she's the one who's still there. I want to feel sorry for Taylor and don't purport to know what it's like to be a victim of abuse, but it's hard when she keeps putting herself in situations like this party and on the show in general.

To her credit, Camille kept calm and just looked shocked at the whole ensuing scuffle. "I don't like drama," she said.

The only humor in the whole mess was one of the other random guests who kept trying to insert some spiritual insight and healing. She kept saying things like, "Look at that huge ocean, it will be here longer than us," and "We are an evolved species." Evolved, hmmm.

It all ended with Brandi kicking Taylor out of the party. After a brief slapping scuffle with the host, Kyle ushered Taylor off in a limo where a hysterical Taylor freaked out and demanded a cigarette. "Obviously it's a lot worse than we thought, this girl needs help," Kyle said. Obviously.

What did you think of the beach brawl tonight? Do you think Camille's friend, D.D., was right to call Taylor out for her behavior?

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