'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Cynthia Needs to Grow a Backbone

Cynthia BaileyLast year rumors were running rampant about NeNe Leakes and her involvement with NFL bad boy Charles Grant while she was still married. Tonight on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, the two came face-to-face.

It all went down at a preview event for Peter Thomas' new club, Bar One. NeNe was supposed to be there as co-host, but most of the night went by and she was nowhere in sight. Grant and his new girlfriend, Marlo, were there, and everyone speculated that they were what was keeping NeNe away. When pressed by Kandi Burruss, Grant gave his side of things:


We went out one time. She was too much into herself. That turned me all the way off.

When Kandi asked if he was the one who sought her out in the first place, he denied it. "Reached out? No, that ain’t how it started," he said, leading us to assume NeNe pursued him.

If that's all that happened, I'm not sure why NeNe would be so inclined to avoid him. NeNe didn't say much other than “Charles Grant ... everything you heard is a big fat lie. I don’t owe Charles anything ... not even a hello." And she didn't give him one. She just ignored him and the rest of the women.

She also gave no reason for being so incredibly late to the event she was supposed to be cost-hosting other than she had a "real serious situation." She told Cynthia and Peter she would explain later, and they seemed fine with that. If I were them, I would have been pissed that she stood me up like that. But NeNe can do little wrong in their eyes it seems -- especially Cynthia's. "Cynthia loves NeNe like a fat kid loves candy," Phaedra said. We'll see how long that lasts if she keeps treating them like she has been.

How Cynthia feels about the gigantic painting of her that Peter surprised her with and hung in the club is another question. At least he didn't take her money again. The fact that she was going to give it to him after one of his investor's checks bounced is just more evidence that she is lacking a spine. While I find her sister, Mal, to be a bit annoying, I understand how frustrated she is at Cynthia's puppy-like devotion to people.

Oh, and there was still the matter of Ridickulous, the stripper who shocked everyone last week at Kandi's party and greatly offended Kandi's mom. In order to make it up to Kandi, Phaedra Parks gave her an apology cake, which was odd and quite lopsided, but seemed to make Kandi happy. 

Kandi ended up talking things through with her mom (aka her home girl), and while she's still not happy that she was so disrespected by the stripper performing at a party she was at, she does seem willing to move past it. Maybe when Kandi breaks the news about her little sex toy business she's launching, she should go ahead and bring her mama a cake.

Do you think Cynthia is too much of a pushover?

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