Khloe Kardashian Assault Lawsuit Reeks of Someone Wanting to Cash In (VIDEO)

Khloe Kardashia and Lamar OdomIf they're not being blasted by a Teen Mom or bashed by a famous movie star for being too famous, it's something else for one of the world's most famous families. Next up in the anti-Kardashian movement: Khloe Kardashian is being sued by a transgender woman for assault.

The assault allegedly took place two years ago in December 2009 outside a nightclub in Hollywood. According to TMZ, Chantal Spears (aka Ronald Spears) says Khloe violently struck her "in and about her body," causing serious injuries. Really? Khloe? How disappointing ...

The details of the incident, however, reek of someone who just wants to collect a little Kardashian kash.


It supposedly started when Spears went up to Khloe's husband, Lamar Odom, and told him he was "too young to be married" (they had just gotten married a few weeks earlier). First of all, I'd probably want to clock her too if she said that to my man when I was right there. Of course violence is never the answer and all that, but it doesn't even sound like Khloe did anything wrong.

A source told Us Weekly what supposedly really went down:

This was two years ago and Khloe did nothing. This person shoved Khloe and she pushed them off. This person just wants to jump on the bandwagon!

"Knowing" Khloe like we do, that seems a lot more likely. Plus, while police were called, no one was arrested, and Spears certainly doesn't look like she suffered any serious injuries in the video below. In fact, she seems pretty pleased with herself. Of course, I wasn't there, and it's for the courts to decide, but I'd be surprised if Khloe really did just wail on her. It seems to me this might be someone else who wants bash then cash in on a Kardashian.

While I'm sure the lawsuit is annoying to Khloe, at least she has some sweet justice on her side in the fact that she and Lamar are still married and were just voted Happiest Couple of 2011. Doesn't sound like he was too young at all, now does it?

Here's video of Spears from the night in question via TMZ. See what you think:

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Do you think this sounds like a legitimate lawsuit or someone just wanting to cash in on the Kardashians?

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