Kourtney Kardashian Isn’t Having a Pregnant Wedding if It’s Up to Kris Jenner

Kourtney Kardashian Scott and Mason DisickBecause it's been a whole day since Kourtney Kardashian announced news that she's expecting baby number two with Scott Disick, of course, momager Kris Jenner had to jump into the fray with her two cents. Instead of just beaming happily like a proud grandma-to-be should do, however, she had to butt in and set things straight about an "imminent marriage" between the two.

"False!" she told Access Hollywood's Billy Bush. Sounds like she has a little problem with either a) them marrying in general; or b) her little darling walking down the aisle while knocked up. Option "a" is understandable, as I wouldn't want my daughter to marry some slimy, substance-abusing loser with an attitude either; but "b" is also likely, because they'd surely lose some endorsements if there was a knocked-up bride walking down the aisle (God forbid!). Most likely it's a combination of both, plus her just wanting to milk all the publicity she can from any opportunity.


Personally, I don't want to see them get married either. I know we only see what they show us, but in all the years I've been watching the show, I have never seen one redeeming quality in that guy or one reason other than Mason that Kourtney should stay with him. Not one.

Now, I think Kourtney is a pretty smart girl, so I guess there must be something there, somewhere, that has made her stay with him this long ... or perhaps she just wanted to bide her time until she got Mason a little biological brother or sister before she boots Scott to the curb. Mason is pretty darn adorable, so it wouldn't be out of the question for her to want to try that genetic combination again.

But a wedding? That's forever (or supposed to be). And if she's not in it for the long haul, she simply can't go there. Not when there are children involved, and not on the heels of her sister Kim's short marriage. Even if she thinks she's in it for the long haul, I bet Kris Jenner is adamant that she not go there, because if the marriage does fail anytime soon after Kim's short-lived marriage, then that's certainly not going to look good for the girls (and therefore the cash they bring in) either.

That's the problem with Kris Jenner sticking her nose into the personal lives of the girls in a public way; she makes us skeptical about their every move -- even more so than we already are. I know she's their manager, but there are times she needs to act more like a mom -- a mom who knows some boundaries. I almost wish Kourtney and Scott would run off and get married tomorrow just because it would prove Kris Jenner wrong ... but then they'd actually be married.

Do you think Kris Jenner has any business talking about whether Kourtney and Scott will get married soon?

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