Mason Disick Is the Next Kardashian Breakout Star

Mason DisickThere are plenty of Kardashian-related issues that are highly debatable -- if the marriage between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries was a sham; whose fault the ensuing divorce is; and if the whole brood of them is single-handedly corrupting our nation and sucking dry our every ounce of moral fiber. But there's one thing that no one can argue -- Mason Disick is one of the cutest kids ever.

Did you see him on Kourtney and Kim Take New York last night? The little dude totally stole the show. Kris Humphries shaving Scott Disick's armpit hair -- gross. Mason dipping a cellphone in olive oil -- adorable. Amidst all those depressing relationships, he was the ray of light.

And those Kardashians are smart; they know a business opportunity when they see one -- and Mason is a BIG one, as little as he may be. So it's not surprising that the latest Kardashian venture is a video blog that's all about Mason's life.


Called Kourtney's Mommy Blog, it promises information on "what she's learned raising Mason, sharing her kid tips, parenting philosophy, and A-list know-how." The first episode is all about fashion -- from tips on how she accessorizes his outfits to a tour of his closet to the golden rule: Avoid dorky shoes.

It's cute, and I'm sure moms across the country will tune in, but she has certainly changed her tune. It was just this past January that she told People Mason wouldn't be on the show because she gets "weirded out to have [Mason] on camera." She said, "He can't make the decision if he wants to be involved in this craziness or not." Clearly, he hasn't gained that ability this quickly, so it's interesting that she's now not only put him on the show, but also launched this blog to put him even more in the spotlight.

I'm not complaining, because I'll take as much of that cute kid as I can get, but it does further support the theory that the family is placing their bets on Mason to help continue their fame.

Oh Kylie and Kendall Jenner may be young, hot, and doing their thing, but they haven't managed to grab our attention like their older sisters yet. Rob Kardashian partially busted through his loser image by doing better than expected on Dancing With the Stars, but no one is ever going to buy clothes because his name is on them. So that leaves Mason.

There's just one big problem -- his name. He currently goes by his father's surname, Disick, which is unfortunate for numerous reasons. But, like I said, those Kardashians are smart, and I'm sure that little matter won't get in the way of their little heir inheriting the throne and keeping their kingdom golden.

Do you think Mason Disick will be the next breakout Kardashian star?

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