'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Things Get Ridiculous

Kandi BurrussOkay, there's really no need to talk about anything that happened on tonight's episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta except, OMG, the stripper at Kandi Burruss's 35th birthday party. Seriously, OMG is about all my brain can process right now after that performance. He was Ridickulous -- both because that's his actual stage name (note the extra "k"), and because his performance was beyond ridiculous. I'm still sitting here with my mouth open at what he did with his mouth in front of all of those people.

To borrow a phrase from Phaedra Parks, it was "as crazy as a vampire in sunlight." If you didn't watch and are the sort that gets easily offended or embarrassed, you may not want to even keep reading.


You knew it was going to be bad when Phaedra started hinting about her gift to Kandi, saying things like it was "something that could only be made in nature." We'd heard about her client, the stripper who can, uh, pleasure himself with his own mouth last season, and tonight, everyone saw him do it ... right there at the party, right after he swung his penis this way and that then stuck it in Kandi's drink

It was outrageous, uncomfortable, and totally over the line of decency by a mile -- both on the part of Phaedra for presenting this "gift" and Bravo for letting it all unravel as it did. It was just too much. I'm not easily offended and am usually pretty much an anything-goes type of gal when it comes to Housewives, but not this.

Of course, things were blurred, and we didn't actually see it happen, but people's reactions were so animated, it almost felt like we did. Just knowing it was happening was bad enough -- like mental porn. NeNe and Cynthia were so offended that they stormed out, but that was likely at least in part to make Phaedra look bad. Oh, and NeNe had a problem with him doing it in front of people wearing designer duds (her getting crazier and crazier is a topic to be visited at another time).

The truly awful part, however, was Kandi's poor mother. Usually chill, laid-back, and ready to talk dirty with the best of them, she was utterly uncomfortable and offended -- and understandably so. "That's f*cked up, excuse me," she said.

Then she hightailed it out of there as well. Kandi couldn't understand what the big deal was and followed her out to the car.

"You should have had more respect for me," her mother told her. "This wasn’t the place for that. That wasn’t cool."

No, no it wasn't.

Do you think Bravo went too far with the stripper on tonight's episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta? Would you be angry if someone gave you a "gift" like that?

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