Rapper Somaya Reece Works a Wardrobe Malfunction Like a Pro (VIDEO)

somaya reeceSomaya Reece, I think you're ready for the big-time! The curvy Love & Hip Hop contestant suffered worked a wardrobe malfunction last night almost like she'd planned it. The moment Somaya strutted on stage, it was obvious that her look was not exactly pulled together. Her pants were undone and hanging on those hips by a shred.

She didn't even notice until a fan pointed at her fly. But she just kept rapping. Later she actually laughed it off. "The show's gotta go on and I'm not gonna stop. Boob out, leg out, whatever, you've just gotta keep going! That's what any professional would do."


If anything, Somaya can only benefit from a wardrobe malfunction. Maxim named her the "Hottest Latina," she was nominated "Internet Hottie" by Spike TV, E! has called her the "Hottest Woman on the Web," and Telemundo dubbed her "The Latina Jessica Rabbit." Obviously her fans love to see more of her. More wardrobe malfunctions for the guys!

Oh, but who are we kidding? Everyone loves a wardrobe malfunction -- on any performer! It takes a real star to survive a potentially humiliating accident and just keep shining. Somaya's confidence is unstoppable. Hell, she practically GLOWS when she talks about her fly coming apart. Look at me, baby! I'm HOT and nothing scares me! This goes beyond "grace under fire" and invents a new category, "wardrobe-malfunction-enhanced performance."

Take notes, Nancy Grace -- this is how you work it. Laugh at yourself, but not in an embarrassed way! Revel in the crazy. It doesn't look like the girls on Love & Hip Hop were impressed by Somaya's performance, but I was. I don't know that she's going to become the Next Big Rapper, but she's going to be something.


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What did you think about Somaya's pants flap? Did she shine or did it hurt her?

Image via VH1

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