'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Recap: Kennedy's Bittersweet Birthday Party

Taylor ArmstrongThe fifth birthday party we saw tonight for Kennedy, the daughter of Taylor and Russell Armstrong, was an amazing affair, no doubt. From the ponies to the fish tacos to the trains and, of course, the mechanical bull, it was an extravagant but fun-filled day that would delight any little girl. Plus, she got her own pony. The whole time, however, all I could think about was how that would be the last birthday she will ever have in which the shadow of her father's suicide won't cloud any celebration.

No ponies or presents are ever going to make up for that.


For the ladies that attended the party, the cloud of the Armstrongs' tumultuous relationship and their worry for Taylor's safety was already present. After the big blow-up at last week's tea party, not much was resolved. In the end, Taylor and Lisa hugged it out (which was bizarre and uncomfortable) and Camille stormed out (Taylor remained pissed and won't return her texts). But no one visited the issues at hand again, so all the concerns, questions, and doubts remained. The women did their best just to ignore Russell, but every shot of him walking around in his cowboy hat and posing for "happy" family photos was awkward.

Speaking of awkward -- what about that song Ace Young from American Idol wrote and sang for Kennedy? The sentiment was lovely, but the execution was just creepy and weird as he moaned on with a drink in his hand. The 5-year-olds seemed less than impressed too.

At least Brandi Glanville was back. I've missed her. She tried to approach Kim (the showdown music was a nice touch) to start mending fences, but Kim would barely even glance in her direction. She just ignored her and seems to have no intention of forgiving her or ever acknowledging her again. That should be fun to watch.

Then there's the other big rift brewing between Adrienne Maloof and Lisa Vanderpump. It seems Pandora's Vegas bachelorette party is being held at the Hard Rock hotel instead of Adrienne's family hotel, The Palms, and Adrienne is pissed Lisa didn't give her the business. "It hurts my feelings that Lisa isn't supporting me," she said. Lisa was too busy picking out gaudy wedding invitations boxes (for $150 apiece nonetheless) to attend the party, but you know that won't be the last we hear of that little slight.

The ladies are falling apart. "There are lots of cracks in our group," observed Kyle, who I think may be the only one not embroiled in some kind of drama with another housewife at the current moment. Just give it a week or so though, and I'm sure she will be.

What did you think of Kennedy's fifth birthday party? Did you like the song?

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