Big Baby Tareq Salahi Sues His Ex for Ridiculous Reason

Tareq SalahiWhen it comes to television lowlifes who make my skin crawl, there are few that come before Tareq Salahi on my list (Scott Disick, maybe). The man, who came to fame via his White House gate crashing exploits on The Real Housewives of D.C., is as slimy as they come, and smug to boot. So I can't help but find it satisfying that he's getting his due and laugh at his ridiculous attempts against it.

If you recall, his wife, Michaele Salahi, was kidnapped ran off with Journey singer Neal Schon back in September. Since then poor, pathetic Tareq has been brooding and stewing over the loss of his wife/only reason he ever came into fame. So like any delusional man would do when faced with a wayward spouse, he's decided to sue Michaele and Neal for ... get this: Humiliation. As if anyone could humiliate him any more than he has humiliated himself over the past couple of years.


When he filed for divorce in November, he said, "She continually exposes our friends and acquaintances to her adulterous relationship and has flaunted the same throughout the community, the nation, and indeed the world, and thus caused me to suffer great harm, humiliation, and embarrassment."

The sum he's placed on his hurt: $17 million. According to TMZ, he claims she's ruined his career and his life. Poor baby. The best part about the whole thing is Neal and Michaele's response -- hysterical laughter. Seriously, what else can you do with that? TMZ caught up with them at Washington's Dulles airport this weekend and when asked what he thought of the lawsuit, Neal responded:

I think some people just don't want to work, man. I think some people need to get a grip and move on.

Michaele just expressed disbelief that it was real.

Now Michaele is certainly no innocent; she went along with Tareq's crazy schemes and for some reason (money perhaps?) stayed with him all these years. But I strongly believe it was mostly him leading her astray and that he had some weird evil power over her. So I'm glad to see her finally get away from him and get the last laugh. I hope he just goes away.

What do you think of Tareq Salahi's humiliation lawsuit?

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