'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Bro Brawl at Kim Zolciak's Baby Shower

Real Housewives of AtlantaWell, that was some baby shower, huh? From the bravado of it all to the brawl at the end, the baby shower for Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann was no boring affair. Instead of tedious toilet paper games and ooing and awwing over tiny gifts, it was filled with all the drama The Real Housewives of Atlanta seem to bring no matter what the occasion. Surprisingly, however, most of the drama didn't come from the housewives themselves tonight.

Most of it came from Cynthia Bailey's husband, Peter Thomas, or Papa Smurf, as Phaedra Parks dubbed him. And while she may be right that there's something "Papa Smurfish" about him, Papa Smurf would have never acted the way Peter did.


First of all, everyone was up in arms over an interview he gave Uptown magazine in which he pretty much trashed all of the housewives, except Kandi. He said Sheree "wasn't cute" and that he just didn't like Phaedra among other things. Why he has any business or interest in talking about any of them, I don't know, and I hate it when men get all wrapped up in their wives' drama (think Tareq Salahi or Simon Van Kempen).

Anyway, when he and Cynthia showed up to Kim's behemoth of a baby shower, let's just say they weren't walking into the friendliest environment. The fact that they showed up five hours late to the shower and didn't even bring a gift didn't help. "Don't they have snacks at their house?" Phaedra wondered. But in they marched like there was no problem.

There was a big problem.

When they sat down at a table with some of the ladies, things quickly heated up. While Phaedra was the one who brought up the article (and probably shouldn't have at that time and place), it was her husband Apollo Nida who fought for her honor. Many words were exchanged and repeated, and chairs were pushed. I thought it was all going down and was ready for some punches to be thrown. Instead, police arrived, and Apollo proved he was the bigger man and walked away. Peter and an extremely humiliated Cynthia left.

Kim wasn't pleased to learn of the near smack-down, but she also didn't freak out like she might have a year ago. She credited that to Kroy balancing her out. And boy, if you didn't like Kroy before tonight, how about him painting Kim's 9-year-old daughter, Ariana's, fingernails (so sweet!)? Plus, though it was a little uncomfortable hearing Kim's daughter, Brielle, refer to her mother as being "knocked up," the rest of her speech was so sweet and showed just how much she loves Kroy. He really does seem to be a great guy and good for Kim.

As for Peter, I don't know what his problem is or his motivation for being such a troublemaker. He's just lucky that Apollo and/or Kroy and some of his football buddies didn't squash him like a smurf. I do hope they don't dwell on this whole battle of the dudes this season. This show is about the ladies, and the drama should be left to them.

What did you think of Kim and Kroy's baby shower? Are you on team Apollo or Team Peter?

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