Sarah Vowell Makes 'The Daily Show' Even Better (VIDEO)

Sarah Vowell
Sarah Vowell on The Daily Show
Who ever thought The Daily Show With Jon Stewart could get even better and smarter than it already is? (Raises hand. I'm a closet optimist.) So they went and did it. Got better, I mean, by adding Sarah Vowell to their contributor's list, as the new Senior Historical Context Correspondent.

She kicked off her first appearance last night with a history lesson on, uh, Evacuation Day. Uh, what's that? Jon Stewart's thoughts exactly ... well, here's a hint. Vowell's Evacuation Day diddy starts off like this, "Thanksgiving is such an inferior holiday."

Watch the clip after the jump.


If you've been privvy to the work of author and social commentator Sarah Vowell, then odds are you'll know her voice (she sounds a little like a female David Sedaris) before you'll recognize her face. I've been a HUGE fan of the witty and hilarious Sarah Vowell since her This American Life and NPR radio show days. Also laughed my @ss off when I saw her in person during one of her book tours. She's truly one of kind with a perfectly pitched dark sense of humor and a keen eye for historical nuttiness. I think she's a brilliant addition to The Daily Show crew.

Just look how much fun she has at Jon Stewart's expense.

WATCH Sarah Vowell's Daily Show debut:


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