Tear-Jerking Regis Philbin Tribute by 'Rent' Cast Is a Must-See (VIDEO)

regis philbinI've never been a Regis Philbin fan, per se, but I've always enjoyed him. Let's be real: The 80-year-old has been a staple in morning television and entertainment since the 1960s. This morning he bid farewell to his Live With Regis legacy with amazing company including former co-host Kathie Lee Gifford, Donald Trump, Diane Sawyer, Tony Danza, and, of course, his pint-sized partner in crime for the last 10 years, Kelly Ripa.

To celebrate the Reg's TV legacy, the cast of Broadway's Rent rewrote the words to their song "Seasons of Love" and performed it on the a.m. sendoff. Let me tell you, it was ADORABLE. With passionate lines like "how do you measure a man in his career?" the performance left me with one question: How did Regis NOT CRY!?

Like I said I'm not gung ho team Philbin, but watching the cast of Rent gave me chills and made me tear up all at the same time. Hell, I'm getting sappy all over again just writing about it!

Watch the adorable Rent performance for yourself:



Here this man is in front of an audience of some of his best friends, loved ones, and peers. Talk about monumental, eh? He is ending a major chapter in his life, and it's just hard for me to believe that he stood there solid as a rock. For Pete's sake, they've been counting down to this HUGE day on Live With Regis and Kelly for more than a month now. I truly expected some major crocodile tears!

Perhaps his lack of physical emotion just proves that Regis accepts that the time has come for him to leave, he's made his mark, and he's at peace with it. You know what? Good for him! Now, I just can't wait to see who will permanently replace him! My vote's for Ripa's hubba hubby Mark Consuelos!

What did you think of Rent cast's tribute to Regis Philbin?


Image via Live With Regis and Kelly

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