'Bachelor' Teaser Reveals Ben Flajnik's Season Shocker (VIDEO)

We all basically know what to expect from The Bachelor now and Ben Flajnik's season is no different. He will get a bunch of women, they will all fall in love, and then he will annihilate their hearts one by one until one woman is left. He will propose. They will break up a few months later. Sound about right?

Bachelorette Ashley Hebert may have crushed Ben Flajnik‘s heart when she chose JP Rosenbaum, but he clearly has moved on. His show was teased this week with the first trailer and most of it looks like the same old, same old. But there is one MAJOR twist this season, which is clearly a gimmick, but will make for a good premiere episode.

See below:


So, they have a grandmother on the show. And she has a walker. Whoa Nellie! I will have you know, I have never used the phrase "whoa Nellie" before, but this one kind of warranted one.

Whoa Nellie, indeed. Now, this is just a teaser, so I am sure there is more to the story. This woman is probably not REALLY looking for love, but is actually just going to offer some (grand) motherly advice to young Flajnik. But still. Now I want to watch.

The show is famous for teasing out things in a way that seem far more dramatic and exciting than they are, and while I am sure this is it, it still works. If only I weren't so easily manipulated by ABC!

But I will be watching despite being sure that I have been duped.

Does this make you want to watch?


Image via YouTube

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