Fight the Kardashian Boycott by Signing This Petition!

Khloe and Kim KardashianEditor's Note: The petition site seems to be experiencing problems (too much Kardashian love from our petition perhaps?), so keep trying if it doesn't load for you!"

So all this business about people organizing and calling for a Kardashian Boycott is really bothering me. I mean, why should these cranky haters spoil the fun for everyone? They shouldn't!

While the anti-Kardashian camp is strong no doubt, there is still lots of love for the sisters. You should have seen the turnout at their book signing today in New York in the pouring rain. There is Kardashian love flowing strong. That doesn't mean we might not question Kim Kardashian's 72-day marriage, or even wonder if we haven't been duped, but we're certainly not done watching them and their lives as "real" as they may or may not be.

So I've decided to launch my own grassroots movement, and I've drawn up a petition to keep the Kardashians on the air. You can sign it here (please do!). It states:


We the Kardashian-loving people would like to encourage E! Entertainment to ignore the haters and keep Kim Kardashian and her family on the air. Though the Kardashians may not always be right, they are always entertaining, and we reject the notion that they should be kept down by fun-sucking spoilsports. In other words: Keep the Kardashians coming.

Who's with me?!

Listen, I know their shows are not mind-expanding nor always the stuff of wholesome family values, but they're fun. They make me laugh; sometimes they make me cry. More often than not, I roll my eyes at the ridiculousness of it all, but that's why I watch. Because really there's very little that's more ridiculous than life with a toddler who regularly drops to the floor to throw random tantrums in crowded places and insists she's a baby wolf and MUST be referred to as such. So if I want to get swept away in a little Kardashian family drama -- real or not -- let me do so in peace. You can even judge me if you want, but stop trying to end the fun.

Change the channel, haters. Keep the Kardashians!

Will you sign this petition to encourage E! to keep the Kardashians on the air?

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