JWoww Is Mad TSA Didn't Give Her Special Treatment

jwowwIt's good to know the TSA is screening the Jersey Shore kids just as closely as normal people. Over the weekend, a very upset JWoww posted a series of tweets after she claims she was "treated like a criminal" when TSA officers singled her out in a North Dakota airport. According to her story, she went through the security line with everyone else, but then was selected for an additional search once she boarded the airplane.

She's pissed because she thinks one TSA employee in particular "abused his authority" (he pointed at her when she was getting coffee and later singled her out for the second search). She's probably right, of course, but you know what? Get over it.


I mean, isn't that what we ordinary folks have been complaining about the TSA since the beginning? There are countless stories about allegations that the officers unfairly single out certain groups of people: attractive people, people of certain races, breast cancer patients, elderly people in wheelchairs, even 6-year-olds. Surely, the tall, beautiful, and busty reality TV star understands how she, too, could be a target.

That doesn't make it right, of course. But, if you can get over the fact that the TSA employee probably got a kick out of selecting her for a search, it sounds like what happened to JWoww was perfectly appropriate. According to a statement from a TSA rep, the second search consisted only of "a simple swab of passengers’ hands and did not include a pat down or additional screening of carry-on items." And, JWoww wasn't the only passenger who had to submit to this. Where is this "criminal" activity she speaks of?

Getting searched at the gate is a total drag, but it's all part and parcel of traveling by air in the United States these days. And, unfortunately, it doesn't matter how many times you fly or how famous you are -- you still have to do it.

Do you think JWoww's TSA screening was inappropriate?


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