'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Recap: The Giggy Is Up

Taylor Armstrong and Camille GrammerFrom start to end, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills brought the intensi-tea tonight. So much that's been brewing finally boiled the hell all over the place, and plenty of people were burned in the process too.

Part of me was proud of Taylor Armstrong when she finally confronted Lisa Vanderpump for her demeaning, sarcastic, badmouthing ways. It was a little inappropriate given she was a guest at Lisa's tea party (they're getting more creative than just another dinner from hell for these dramas), but Lisa absolutely deserved it. She does look down her nose at Taylor, then pretends to be her friend, while clarifying she's not really her friend. And poor Taylor so badly wants to be her friend, it's sad really. But at least tonight, Taylor showed that she does have some sort of a spine, and she really let Lisa have it.


She called her egoistic and self-involved, and said the only reason she told Taylor she could live with her if she needed to was because she wanted to seem like a saint. She tried to get the other ladies to back her up, but they all sat shaking in fear. Only Kyle offered even the slightest bit of support when she admitted that she did think Lisa's ego was a bit large. But that was it.

Lisa just sat back smug as ever and didn't seem a bit contrite nor open to Taylor's continuous pleas that she still wanted to be her friend. The most Lisa would offer: "I’m your friend IF you need me." Which means, don't just call me to have lunch or go shopping, but I'll rescue you if you need me to.

All the while Taylor was raging on Lisa, she kept dropping in hints about how hard her life was, how badly she needs real friends now, and how she can't have any more hardship in her life. "Please, if you can't be my friend, just don't be my enemy," she said. "Because my life is tough enough."

Of course, we knew what she was alluding to, which only made it all even sadder to watch. Then Taylor stormed out and hung out for awhile in the driveway talking to Adrienne Maloof's husband, Paul, which was odd altogether. "The Giggy is up," she kept saying about her expose of Lisa's true nature. Then for some unknown reason, she suddenly decided to go back into Lisa's house, and things took another twist -- an impromptu intervention about her marriage to Russell Armstrong.

While Taylor was admonishing everyone to get real and tell the truth, Camille Grammer couldn't take it anymore and called her out for her own dishonesty.

We’re all protecting you. About what you told us about your marriage. Because we don’t say that he hits you. We don’t say that he broke your jaw or that he beat you up. We don’t say that. But now we said it.

Yes they did. And wow, what a way to end the episode, though that's surely not the end of the conversation. Next week will likely be even more intense.

Speaking of intense ... where did Brandi Glanville go?

Do you think Taylor Armstrong was right to call out Lisa Vanderpump? What do you think of the ladies' intervention about Taylor's marriage?

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