'Bachelor Pad' Kasey Kahl & Vienna Girardi Finally Tell the Truth

Kasey Kahl and Vienna Girardi didn't have a chance of succeeding in their relationship. Anyone who watched Bachelor Pad 2 for more than five minutes could plainly see that the two of them were a disaster as a couple. I am only surprised it took them this long. And after last week's denials, it's somewhat vindicating to see them finally admit it.

Sunday, Kahl posted to Twitter:

Yes vienna and I have split. It's been 5 weeks now. I can't fake it anymore. I will always love, be there for her, and wish her the best.

Did I call it or did I call it? I'm just sayin' ... these two were obviously faking it and the jig was up. While I would hate to be snarky and mean in a time of sadness, let's get real here. There is no sadness going on in Vienna's world.


There are reality show train wrecks that go down in history. Think Puck from Real World: San Francisco. Think Trishelle from Real World: Las Vegas. Girardi may join their ranks. She is fame-hungry and pushy and demanding and determined, and she will sleep with anyone who moves.

In short, she is reality TV gold. Anyone willing to make such a complete ass out of themselves is welcome to do so. I will watch, you will watch, and half the country will watch. It's awesome. Anyone who bought them as being so in love (was there anyone?) was obviously blind.

Did you see the way they fought every five minutes?

This was inevitable. And both people will move on quickly. We aren't talking about a marriage or a breakup with kids involved. We are talking about an epic train wreck, so yes. I am going to gloat a bit. It may seem snarky, but hey, what can you do? I only wish I had done an over under bet online.

Did you see this coming?

Image via ABC

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