Pregnant Helen Mirren Heats Up 'The Office' (VIDEO)

You know who's hot? Helen Mirren, that's who. Not only is her career on fire lately with movies like The Queen, State of Play, and Red, but she's one of those remarkable women that just gets more gorgeous as she ages. At 66 years old, her skin is to die for, she always looks amazing on the red carpet, and her bikini body is a work of art.

(Seriously, I'm 30 years younger than her and my midsection looks like a goddamned Sharpei compared to Mirren's abs of steel.)

While most actresses tend to fall off the map at a certain age, Helen Mirren has managed to stay remarkably relevant over time. She's so popular, she even became a subject of discussion on The Office last night. It turns out everyone at Dunder Mufflin has a crush on Helen Mirren—well, except Dwight Schrute.


The Office gang was having a breakroom discussion about the gorgeousness of Helen Mirren when Toby announced that the only thing hotter would be a pregnant Helen Mirren. Bizarrely, everyone agrees with this except for Dwight, who has a hissy fit about the universal biological standards of beauty and attraction and—oh, here, just watch the clip:

Two things: 1) according to Wikipedia, it's true that Helen Mirren was born Helen Lydia Mironoff in West London, and 2) someone should probably buy now.

Also, interestingly enough Mirren has never been pregnant, since she's the stepmother of Taylor Hackford’s two kids but never had biological children of her own. Hmmm, maybe that's why her stomach doesn't look like a deflated Macy's parade balloon? Yes, I choose to blame the children. *casually pushes bag of Kettle chips out of view*

Of course, it's a little diminishing to fixate on a woman's personal appearance over her talents and personality, but something tells me Helen Mirren can handle a little Office humor—especially since she's been dealing with comments about her appearance for decades. Check out her withering responses to the obnoxiously sexist questions asked by host Michael Parkinson in this clip from 1975:

Love it. Love her. I mean, she can even make Billy Crystal watchable, and that's no small feat.

Are you a Helen Mirren fan?

Image via Flickr/sougataghosh

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