Tina Fey Feeds 'Real Housewives' Fascination (VIDEO)

Tina FeyAs if I couldn’t want to be/imagine that I am best friends with Tina Fey any more, now she has to go and reveal her Real Housewives addiction. Last night on the new Brian Williams' show Rock Center she admitted her love for reality television, and made some particularly poignant observations about The Real Housewives.

Specifically, she dished on which cities she likes and which ones she just can not watch.


She can’t quite do Teresa Giudice, Caroline Manzo, and those Jersey girls, which I understand. Of all the housewives, they’re probably the hardest to love … or “sub-human” in Fey’s words. Whichever. Williams, however, finds Jersey "far and away the best" of them.

Fey is a fan of New York and Beverly Hills, though the women of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills probably won’t be fans of hers after she said of them:

I literally can’t tell the women apart … They look like a fire at wax museum. I can’t tell what I’m looking at in Orange County.

Rough. But that’s the beauty of The Real Housewives  -- they put themselves and their insane lives out there, and we judge. They don’t have to, and we don’t have to watch, but when we both agree, it’s two mutually consenting parties and a whole lot of entertainment.

Fey says she would, however, like to see them stop fighting so much. When Williams argued that without that they would have nothing, Fey quipped, "I just want to see their weird houses."

Once in awhile I admit that I feel the slightest bit guilty watching Real Housewives. It's not exactly mind-expanding, inspirational stuff, but it’s fun and entertaining. And knowing that someone smart and funny and amazing like Tina Fey watches too somehow makes me feel better. And it totally confirms the fact we should be BFFs.

Do you ever feel guilty about your love for Real Housewives? Does knowing Tina Fey is fan ease any of the guilt?

Image via Vivianista1/Flickr


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