'DWTS' Recap: Nancy Grace's Cinderella Story Really Must End

Nancy Grace, Dancing With the StarsSomewhere near the end of Dancing With the Stars on Monday night (on which J.R. Martinez and his partner collected not one, but two perfect scores), oft-booed judge Len Goodman earned cheers from discerning viewers everywhere by telling Nancy Grace how it really was: She was the Cinderella story of the season, but it was midnight and her borrowed time at the ball was over.

No doubt about it Grace's unlikely fairy tale is bound to end before the "happily ever after" phase. And not just because she and her poor, put-upon Irish prince of a partner, Tristan MacManus, landed solidly on the bottom of the leader board at the end of Monday night's show, collecting a paltry 44 points, total, for their two dances.


No, the not-nice news lady really deserves to be sent packing not only because of her so-so dancing. (Please, DWTS voters. Please?) She's a terrible listener, a nasty fighter, and every time she speaks plaintively (yet combatively) to the camera about how rough she has it, I find my shoulders creeping up to my ears like Ricki Lake's -- before Lake got them under control this week, that is.

But like every good fairy tale, Dancing With the Stars also had its hero Monday night. And that was … Martinez, who with partner Karina Smirnoff nailed both of the night's dances with passion, skill and an adorably infectious giggle.

Martinez and Smirnoff not only earned the very first perfect 30 of the season for their waltz; they earned the season's second perfect 30, too – for an absolutely spectacular jive (to Little Richard's "Tutti Frutti") that made it difficult to figure out who was the pro and who the just-learning "star." They ended the night atop the leader board with a double-perfect score: 60 points out of a possible 60.

Before taking the stage to slay that jive in the instant-dance round, Martinez said, "I want everyone to be like, 'You sure you didn't practice to that music all week? Because [you] killed it.'" And that's pretty much exactly the thought that went through my head. It was the kind of performance you wanted to rewind instantly and watch all over again. Just ... so ... great.

If there's any justice, Martinez and Lake will face off in the finals, and Rob Kardashian and Hope Solo will survive to dance at least one more week.

Because, Nancy Grace, your pumpkin is waiting to take you back home now – glass slippers and all.

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