'Bachelorette' Ashley Hebert Is Right to Make J.P. Wait

ashley hebertI know there are some Ashley Hebert haters out there, but I've always really liked the former Bachelorette. I thought she brought a nice normalcy to the series. She's smart, fun, and funny and I liked that she seemed to have a really solid head on her shoulders. She and J.P. Rosenbaum seem really happy together. Maybe it's because they're both so gosh darn smiley that they only seem like the perfect couple, but I like them together. They make me feel like hugging something or someone. And after I read this tidbit about them today in People, I like them even more.

Ashley said that she has, like, no time to even think about a wedding right now. And good for her!


She's in her final weeks of dental school and is currently applying for jobs. She and J.P. will talk about getting married after the New Year, when things have settled down, she says.

I love that Ashley and J.P. know that there's no rush for them. School and career are important to Ashley and it's great that J.P. isn't rushing her down the aisle. Come to think of it, it's reminiscent of Ali and Roberto's relationship -- they're happily dating and don't feel pressured to tie the knot, either.

These two Bachelorettes, I tell ya, they're smart cookies. They meet these guys in such an unnatural setting that it takes time to get to know them first without the cameras, then again after the hype of the season has died down. Then there are their actual lives to consider, like Ashley's D.D.S., so getting married right away won't do them any favors. It would only complicate things.

I'm glad Ash and J.P. are taking their time and making sure it feels right before they make a lifelong commitment to each other. I think it's the smart thing to do. And if Ashley gets a job in NYC, I'm totally making her my dentist.

Do you think Ashley and J.P. make a good couple?


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