5 Hilarious Ways Kris Jenner Dodges Kardashian Divorce Fever

Kris Jenner
Kris Jenner at Moms & the City Mamarazzi event in NYC.
Listen up, dolls. I sat down with Kardashian "momager" Kris Jenner today. Yes I did, and what perfect timing! I mean, it's just 48 hours after Kim Kardashian announced her divorce from Kris Humphries and there I was, getting to spend some chat time with her actual mom? Lucky, lucky me!

I patiently waited for the reality star to arrive at The Darby in NYC for the celebration of her new book, Kris Jenner ... and All Things Kardashian. I'm sure I appeared calm and collected as I sipped champagne and ate fancy finger foods, but inside my anticipation was killing me! How would she address the big news about Kim and Kris? And all the criticism? How?

Then Kris Jenner arrived and right away, she admitted to being an "open book" (pun intended). Ohmygod, I'm about to get the most serious dirt of my life, right? ... RIGHT?


Well, not quite.

It turns out Mama Kris isn't as open as she claims. Instead of dishing on what we really wanted to hear, she decided to distract everyone with random tidbits of Kardashianformation. Kind of like dangling a shiny object in front of a crying baby. In fact, I'm pretty sure she talked about everything and anything EXCEPT the thing we all wanted to know more about.

Here are just a few of the ways she avoided the Kim news:

1. She doted on her son, Rob Kardashian, referring to him as the "best metrosexual" she knows. She also mentioned how great he's doing on Dancing With the Stars and that she bawls during each episode. Okay, Kris, we know he's on DWTS. We'll make sure to vote for him next week. Now about that divorce ...

2. Next she told us she always knew she was going to have six kids. She said she's proud of the way she's raised them and loves that they're not only pretty on the outside, but also on the inside. Hmmm ... can I have a graham cracker for this fluff? Seriously?The Darby

3. Her next distraction tactic was tossing out her number one beauty tip: she washes her face with a hot washcloth and glycerin soap. She even admitted to stealing the soap from random hotels. Not gonna lie, I'm going to try this tip, but WTF -- she steals it from hotels? Stars really ARE just like us! And, eh em, how about that 72-day marriage?

4. Oh and guess what? The number one gadget she can't live without is her BlackBerry. Talk about breaking news ... NOT!

5. Kris then used the cheapest trick in the book -- her grandson. Yep, she says she's absolutely obsessed with Kourtney Kardashian's son Mason and always makes sure to get her special "Mason time." One time, she purposely woke him up from a nap because she wanted to play with him, not knowing that the nanny cam caught her on tape! Okay, cute, but did the nanny cam happen to catch Kim and Kris fighting, too?

Am I wrong for feeling ripped off? She's out and about promoting her "tell-all" book but she never really ... told all or pretty much anything. If her book is anything like her Q&A, she might want to change the title to Kris Jenner ... and Super Boring Things Kardashian.

What do you think of Kris avoiding the "divorce" question?

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