Kim Kardashian Deserves to Be Sued for Her Big Sham Marriage

Kim Kardashian and Kris HumphriesThough I suspected, predicted, and braced myself for the fact that the sham marriage of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries would eventually end in divorce, the actual official news yesterday that it was happening just 72 days after they wed felt like a big slap in the face. Comedian Rob Delaney feels the same way and says he's going to slap Kim Kardashian with a big fat lawsuit. Right on, Rob!

On Vice, he states his intention to stop her divorce from Kris Humphries. "I am also suing Ryan Seacrest, E! Entertainment Television, and Comcast for promoting their sham marriage, bilking advertisers, and polluting the airwaves of America and every other nation unfortunate enough to be subject to the disease of Kardashia."


Though his reasoning is mostly humorous and an unabashed attack on the entire Kardashian family, as a fan (or perhaps former fan?) of the shows, I have to say he hits on some real truths. We've all clearly been duped, and the Kardashians don't even have the courtesy to pretend we weren't. I say a class action lawsuit is in order. What say you?

Sure, there have been plenty of short marriages in Hollywood -- Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman (9 days); Mario Lopez and Ali Landry (2 weeks); Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Esposito (4 months); and on and on and on. But the difference is they didn't blatantly take us along for the ride, play with our emotions, then make us look even more like idiots than we already do for watching them. Bad decisions are bad decisions, but this is just wrong, especially when the public has done nothing but embrace the Kardashian name and boost them along their way to billionaire status.

Delaney insists he's serious about his lawsuit. As he states:

... this is not a joke. I AM suing Kim Kardashian and the others mentioned above. It is alleged that Kim Kardashian was paid $18 million to participate in her own wedding. I feel like schools could use that money. Or health clinics in areas hit hardest by the recession. Or Pizza Hut. Or Bernie Madoff. Or my uncle Mitchell, who is a convicted sex offender making a living selling Percocet to the elderly in Rhode Island.

Time will tell if he actually moves forward with his threat, but I for one hope he does. A lawsuit is the least of things she should be slapped with if she can't at least stick it out for awhile and try. She owes it to her fans if nothing else. In Delaney's eloquent words:

... if you won’t [stay married], I will sue you. Because when you wrap your marriage vows around a cubic zirconia encrusted baseball bat and beat us about the head and face with them, you can stay the f*ck married for more than 20 minutes, you sexy monster. I’ll see you in court.

Do you think a lawsuit against Kim Kardashian is in order?

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