Justin Timberlake Enjoys Must-See Matt Lauer Lovefest (VIDEO)

justin timberlake matt lauerThere's nothing I love more than waking up with a cup of coffee and the Today show. Well, except waking up with the Today show when Justin Timberlake is a special guest. As much as I love me some Matt Lauer, JT is by far my absolute fave man in Hollywood. Yesterday Mr. *N'SYNC himself sat down with the anchor of the Today show to talk about his new flick, In Time. I was a giddy little school girl. 

And so, apparently, was Matt Lauer.


I love absolutely everything about this entire segment. Lauer kicks it all off with possibly the best, most gushing compliment ever to JT, saying:

I don't think I've seen anyone in Hollywood over the past two or three or four years who's grown as much and taken on as many interesting challenges so amazingly successfully as you ... I have wanted to talk to you for a long time.

WATCH Matt gush over Justin:

Hello, a bazillion overly flattering adjectives. I blush for Matt and his obvious boy crush on JT! But he really does have a point. Justin has completely transformed from '90s boyband member to full-fledged actor, and after watching some of the footage from In Time and seeing The Social Network, anyone with half a brain can tell he's truly coming into his own in the craft.

The hilarious banter during the In Time quiz session makes the lovefest between the two men even more enjoyable. I can't blame Lauer for completely bombing his portion. After all, Justin Timberlake is sitting across from him!!! Oh, and I guess covering thousands of different news stories every month probably makes it hard to remember what you wore for Halloween years and years ago. Hell, I can't remember what I wore yesterday!

While I thought I really adored the Today show anchor before, watching him blush in front of Justin makes me love him that much more. I'm right there with ya, Matt. Justin's a hunk.

Are you a Justin Timberlake fan?


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