Chord Overstreet Returns to 'Glee': 5 Sam Moments We Expect to See

sam chord overstreetChord OverstreetWe thought it would happen. We hoped it would happen. Yesterday Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy made all of our wishes come true when he revealed that Sam (Chord Overstreet) will be returning to the show for a multi-episode arch in December. Insert jumping heel click here.

It's totally exciting, especially because saying that Chord is easy on the eyes is a bit of an understatement. If you ask me, the 22-year-old blondie is in THE best looking member glee club has ever had. So what can we all expect once the singing stud makes his big return? Well, I for one have a few ideas. If all is right in the world, here's my list of five things to look forward to come December:


1. A talk between Sam and Mercedes: At the end of last season, we saw Mercedes (Amber Riley) and Sam holding hands. And now? Mercedes is hooked up with her new boo, Shane (LaMarcus Tinker). I can't help but wonder what exactly happened between the twosome when Sam got news of his family's big move.

2. His voice: It's been a while now -- but Sam's amazing voice on tracks from last season like "(I've Had) The Time of My Life," "Lucky," and Bieber's "Baby" gave me the chills. I'd love to see him take on something with a little bit of pizazz like Bruno Mars' new song "It Will Rain" or "Soldier" by Gavin DeGraw.

3. A real storyline: Since the producers are bringing Sam back into the game, let's hope they have a good storyline for his character. Sure, Amber Riley told her fans that her character Mercedes isn't pregnant on Twitter. But what if she's lying just to save the surprise? We all saw how "tired" and "not well" she was feeling before the show took its hiatus earlier this month. Could Sam be coming back to deal with his potential new child!?

4. Those lips: I've never been the kind of girl who has a thing for a man's lips. There's just something to say for how pouty and adorable Sam's are, hence where the nickname "trouty mouth" comes from. If only Glee was shooting in New York again and I could get close enough to lay one on 'em! I'm sure my boyfriend would understand.

5. A talk between Sam and Quinn: Now that Quinn (Dianna Agron) has all of this baby mama adoption drama going on, Sam's return isn't going to be on the top of her mind. Since Mercedes is shacked up, I'm guessing Sam will lean toward Quinn and offer to be her rock. Can you imagine Sam and Quinn trying to raise Quinn's daughter Beth together? I think that's a little too much for the two teens to take on. Let's hope not.

Are you excited for Sam's return to Glee?


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