'RHOBH' Rumor Alert: Taylor Armstrong Might Be Fired!

taylor armstrongSo far, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has managed to steer somewhat clear of Taylor Armstrong and her abusive marriage to Russell this season. I mean, there was that episode with her going bat-crap crazy at Camille's ski home, but other than that, it hasn't really been a main storyline (yet). This season has predominately focused on Kim Richards' obvious (to the rest of the word) drug habit, and her and sister Kyle's unabashed hatred for new girl Brandi Glanville. And you know what? It's been good.

But apparently, that's just the way it's been edited. Yeah, apparently Armstrong tried to turn RHOBH into The Taylor Armstrong Project. Or -- ooh! -- Hey, Taylor! According to a source, the 40-year-old blonde would start crying and complaining about her life every time the ladies got together. And that pissed them off. 'Cause they don't want anyone cutting into their camera time. So they complained and had her fired!


Now, this is all from the National Enquirer, so do with it what you will, but supposedly -- according to that same source -- the ladies feared that "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was turning into the Taylor Armstrong therapy show." (Or, as I prefer, Hey, Taylor!) The source says that Armstrong alienated the other house­wives with her nonstop ploys for pity and attention BEFORE Russell killed himself.

If this is true, and the girls really did complain to producers that Taylor was trying to steal the show, then these women are the lowest of low. I don't doubt that Taylor loves her some screen time -- like they all do -- but come on! The woman was in the middle of extricating herself from a man who beat her. Have a little compassion. If she wants to cry and talk about her life, let her cry and talk about her life for God's sake.

Hopefully, this story is just a bunch of hullabaloo, though. Because this loquacious source also said that "Taylor is telling friends that the show was the only income she had to take care of herself and her 5-year-old daughter, Kennedy." If that's the case, that's not good. 

Do you want to see Taylor get the boot?


Image via Bravo

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