Exclusive Kardashian Sighting: How I Kept Up With Kim & Kourtney (VIDEO)

paparazziThe paparazziLet me begin by saying that I'm the biggest pop culture junkie there is. I'm the girl who took a vacation to Hollywood solely to run into celebs (and I met four, thank you very much). That being said, I never expected to run into not one, but two Kardashians on my walk home from work yesterday. I mean, that's just krazy talk. But luckily I work in New York City, the concrete jungle where dreams are made of ... and also in close proximity to where Kourtney and Kim Kardashian have been living while shooting Kourtney & Kim Take New York. Dreams really do come true!

So here's how it all went down (and yes, I even held it together enough to shoot a video!!!) ...


When I spotted the small crowd of paparazzi patiently waiting outside of Clover Nails, I knew something was up, but I kept on walking. I mean for all I knew, they could've been waiting for Kevin Federline and I would've wasted my energy caring. Then, just a block down the street, I saw a camera crew shooting Mr. Kim Kardashian (a.k.a. Kris Humphries!!!) in another nail salon getting a pedicure. Holy metrosexual! But OMFG where is Kim?! Is the marriage really off? Where's his wedding ring? Why aren't they getting pedicures together? My life is over!Clover Nails

I composed myself. Then signed a release form because I was totally in the background of one of their shots. (YES!!!) No autographs, please. That's when I knew some real Kardashians HAD to be nearby. I mean, paparazzi ... camera crews ... release forms?? This isn't my first rodeo. So I headed back to Clover Nails to continue my K-clan hunt with Emily, a fellow writer at The Stir.

So there we were, two tiny girls in a sea of rabid paparazzi, and the small group of 5 or 6 Kardash groupies quickly grew to at least 30 people just waiting for a glimpse of a Dash Doll. I watched as bodyguards declined paying customers entry to the salon. I saw paparazzi get into fights with each other over who had a better spot. A big black Suburban pulled up to the salon and waited directly outside of the door. We were constantly being yelled at by the guards. Do not block the car! Stay behind that line! Back up, back UP!

One bodyguard was secretively talking on his walkie-talkie like it was Mission Impossible just to get a Kardashian down some stairs. I wondered what he possibly could have been saying. Is she ready to come down yet? How much longer? Are her nails dry? Did she get acrylics? The possibilities were endless!

And then it happened ...

Is today my birthday?!!! I was definitely expecting Kim, but Kourtney was a surprise! They both looked fab, I mean ... to die. Like they walked right off the cover of Vogue and into my life for one small and miraculous moment. I'll be honest, I was slightly horrified when they didn't see me and immediately ask me to grab dinner with them. But it's kool, I'll just catch up with them another time.

Have you ever run into a celebrity? Was it everything you thought it would be?

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