A Bachelorette Party Isn't the Time to Exercise

yoga bachelorette partyWhen I envision my bachelorette party, I think of all the tacky stuff you see in the movies. Someone who loves me a LOT will splurge on a limo to take my closest girlfriends and me to some fancy schmancy locale, where there will be an array of penis-shaped straws and things. We will drink a lot, which will result in me repeatedly telling my gal pals how much I love them and could never live without them.

Want to know the last thing I think about when someone says the words "bachelorette party"? Exercising. But apparently working out at bachelorette parties is becoming the norm (so says The New York Times) -- and I am NOT just talking table dancing here.

Listen. I love fitness. I feel weird if two days go by and I don't hit the gym. But sorry (I am not sorry): I so will NOT work out on my last night of "freedom."


The Times cites all different sorts of workouts drawing bachelorette attention, from cycling and hot yoga to road races and dance classes. And while all those things really do interest me, I feel like there's a time and a place to go to spin class, and this one special night isn't it.

Of course, there is a little added benefit for choosing to work out with your girls: You'll all look great in pictures. But let's be honest: When you're that close to the big day, everyone already knows photo time's coming up. One extra sweat sesh is not worth the sacrifice. Not to mention, I know it's not like you're in a competition with your hubby-to-be -- but I bet you that he's not going for a long run with the fellas for his bachelor shindig. Why should he get to have all the fun when you're stuck inside worried about shedding weight for the wedding?

I can think of one exception to my logic, however: if the bachelorette party is actually a bachelorette weekend. Then, I see myself on a beach somewhere doing yoga with the girls in the morning trying to fight off my wicked hangover from the night before. That scenario makes sense. Otherwise, let's keep things PG-13+.

Who's with me? Would you go to an exercise class for your bachelorette party?


Image via lululemon athletica/ Flickr

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