'Jersey Shore' Star Sammi Giancola Is Better Off Single

Jersey ShoreRon, I'm done! No seriously, bro, I'm DONE! You ... don't deserve ME. DONE!

If I've heard that once, I've heard it too many times. Luckily, I'm only hearing that through my television when Jersey Shore is on, but still it gets exhausting. Sammi Giancola and Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, on the other hand, have to deal with it on a daily basis. Fortunately for them (and the rest of America who tunes in), the infamous reality TV couple has finally called it quits. No, like, for real this time.

I'm sure it won't be long until Ronnie starts running back to Sam, but hopefully she stands her ground this time. It's taken two whole years for this unhealthy rollercoaster relationship to finally end. I mean, for crying out loud (literally) -- defend yourself, woman!

Just in case Sammi has a moment of weakness and decides to take her former beau back, I've compiled a list to remind her that Ron is the worst boyfriend in the world and she's better off single:


Jersey Shore

1. He cheated on her countless times, then bragged about it on national television, and then somehow blamed it on her. How the re-runs don't make her cringe, I have no clue. 

2. He bought her flowers only to throw them in the garbage moments later. Mixed signals much? Who has time for that? (Plus, what a waste of money!)

3. He trashed her entire room, broke her glasses, and threw her bed out the door ... literally. This is all kinds of crazy, I don't even ... I can't. Not okay, Sammi.

4. He actually said the following ridiculous statement: "You can dance with a guy in front of me? At least I had the decency to do sh*t to you behind your back." Oh, how the mind of a man works. 

5. He just doesn't care enough to change. He called her every curse word in the book on several occasions. He once even admitted, "If I walked into a church, I'd probably burst into flames." Now that's a winner.

Jeez, wrap him up in a bow and take him home to mom, huh? Seriously, at least Sammi's finally coming to her senses and is moving on with her life -- it's about time. Better late than never, right? I can't wait to see her move on with a way better juice-head that will treat her right!

Do you think the Sammi and Ronnie split will last?


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