'Bachelor' Winner Shayne Lamas Nude Photos Are Desperate Move

Back when she was on The Bachelor, Shayne Lamas reeked of fame-whore perfume. Though she was the winner during Matt Grant's season, she clearly wanted to be an actress, made the whole show about herself, and even snagged Grant himself in an obvious bid for attention. She knew how to play him. And now, she is trying to play all of us.

The actress/reality star/mother-to-be is expecting her first child with TheDirty.com honcho Nik Richie, but before she has the little girl she plans to name Press, Lamas posed completely nude for some erotic(ish) photos.

A pregnant woman posing nude isn't a problem, but a pregnant woman who is barely famous posing nude and releasing the photos to the public kind of is.


She is a lovely woman and she certainly looks lovely with child, but she also revealed at the time that their fetus has already been signed to a talent agency. Basically, her plan is to breed little fame-whore clones who she can live vicariously through as she forces them to climb the ladder. Does anyone else see the folly in this?

At least give the kid a chance to have a birth before she becomes a model and just like her mom. It's really kind of sad and only proves Lamas wants fame. If it isn't through acting, then it will be through reality TV and "love." If not there, then through nude photos. And if not there, then through her child.

As the daughter of Lorenzo Lamas, she has been in Hollywood her whole life. Maybe she is afraid of losing that spotlight as she ages and becomes a mom. Whatever the reason, it's a desperate move.

Matt Grant is lucky to have moved on, it seems.

Do you think this is weird?


Image via ABC

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