Camille Grammer Looks Nice After Kelsey's Smack Talk

Camille GrammerCold. Irritating. Vindictive. A morally corrupt hypocrite. Those are but a few of the things I thought and wrote about Camille Grammer when we first met her on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills last year. While her divorce and subsequent custody battle have painted both her and her ex, Kelsey Grammer, in an abhorrent light, there's one thing that's made her a whole lot more likable as of late -- Kelsey's big, fat, smack-talking trap.  

Every time he slams her, I want to slap him and hug her, which is weird because last season I wanted to slap her myself. But he just can't seem to leave her alone and move on with his new wife, who he married like half a second after his divorce from Camille. Earlier this week, he told an Australian radio show that he gave her Real Housewives as a gift, but not a nice one:


In my mind [RHOBH] was my parting gift to her. It was a very difficult marriage and a very difficult decade. I thought, 'So long, here's a present for you.'

Wow, what a generous guy. And what an obvious and shameless way to stir up drama just to try and get a little publicity for his new show. And the funniest part of his slam -- It won't even phase her, because she already admitted as much. She told Ellen DeGeneres back in January it was all his idea and she didn't want to do it. So now he's decided he can get back at her by demanding he get credit for something she already gave him credit for? That's weak, but still really low.

Then he went on Piers Morgan and told him that Camille was "more interested in fame and fortune than him":

I think what I was trying to do was sell it to myself...I thought this was the kind of relationship I should try to have and it just, uh, there was still the small voice in the back of my head saying 'This isn't gonna work,' but I stuck to it.

Of course, Camille is certainly not innocent when it comes to slams. It was just two weeks ago on RHWOBH that she implied Kelsey wasn't packing much down below. "Big hands. Big Feet. Big Disappointment." she said, "I was married to that." But her funny little quip over wine with the girls seems a lot less mean spirited than him viciously going off and calling her a gold digger in the national media.

There's also her recent interview TV Guide in which she doesn't paint him in such a favorable light either. But even though it's her slamming him, he still sounds like the mean one.

[He became] a different person than the one I was married to. I said, 'We've been together 14 years. How can you just throw us away?' And he said, 'Fourteen? Oh, that's just a number.' I said, 'What about our kids?' and he said 'They'll get over it.' He was very cruel. He even said, 'I feel no remorse.'

So yes it's definitely been he said AND she said, but somehow he just comes off as meaner. And honestly, it doesn't matter who started it or who's worse anymore, as much as it does that it all just stops. All these insults they're hurling aren't just hurting one another. Their children are surely hearing or will hear all of these things one day, and it's deeply troubling that they do it anyway. They both need to just move on and leave one another and their painful past behind.

Do you think Kelsey Grammer's remarks trashing Camille are out of line?

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