Jenny McCarthy Can’t Save 'Two and a Half Men'

Boy, I didn't think there was much they could do to Two and a Half Men to make it seem more unappealing to me. I mean, there's so much about it that I don't want to see -- Jon Cryer being literally any other character than the one he played in Pretty in Pink; that kid, whatshisname, being, I don't know, some annoying kid who earns $300,000 per episode; or Ashton "If I Hadn't Married Above Me I'd Barely Be Able to Afford a Trucker Hat, Yet I Still Can't Keep My Dick in My Pants" Kutcher.

Oh, but this week the show featured the return of Jenny McCarthy. Hey, former Playmate and noted autism loudmouth Jenny McCarthy! Well, then! That totally changes everything! In fact, let me run to my TiVo right now ... just to make sure this show never, ever accidentally gets recorded, because nothankyou.


Apparently Two and a Half Men has been experiencing some dwindling ratings lately, possibly because people are finally emerging from their Sheen-induced haze and realizing what a piece of crap this show is, and as a result, the network dragged Jenny back on to reprise her role as Sheen's recurring gold-digger ex-lover. Not that Charlie's on the show anymore, but that wasn't a problem for CBS—they just had her shacking up with Kutcher instead.

Yeah. Ashton Kutcher and Jenny McCarthy. Two not so great tastes that ... taste half-great together?

It seems to me that McCarthy coming back on the show is a ploy by CBS to appeal to longtime viewers. You know, the folks who are doing their level best to give this Kutcher thing a chance, but miss that extra special something Sheen brought to the table. (Namely: large amounts of cocaine. Oh, and tiger blood.) I'm guessing this will be the first of many guest appearances on Two and a Half Men as the network scrambles to get every last drop of milk from their cash cow. Charlie may be gone, but McCarthy brings a bit of nostalgia that might help folks remember when they actually liked the show.

In other words, McCarthy is the shark, and Two and a Half Men is taking a giant leap. Four episodes in, they're already scrambling to boost ratings back to the inexplicable millions they once had, but my bet is that they've got nowhere to go but down. Will McCarthy eke out a few more paychecks in her role as Courtney? I'm sure she will if she can, since her recent acting roster has pretty much been limited to the made-for-TV Santa Baby 2 in 2009.

What do you think about the direction Two and a Half Men is going? Are you still a fan?

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