Teresa Giudice Will Never Be a Twitter Quitter

Teresa GiudiceAmidst all the drama brewing between The Real Housewives of New Jersey as of late, you may have somehow missed the major news: Teresa Giudice quit Twitter. Attempting to take the high road and step away from all of the nastiness with Jacqueline Laurita and Caroline Manzo, she declared she would no longer fuel the Twitter fire for the good of herself and for all Twitterkind.

On October 4, she posted on her blog: "As for the craziness on Twitter, I don't think it's a very healthy place to be right now (I just can't take anyone who's suddenly friends again with Kim G. seriously, sorry!), so I'm going to slowly slip out of it, and maybe take a little break for a while."

On one hand, it was like good for her, finally showing some restraint. On the other hand, it was: Nooooo ... keep the Twitter wars alive!


Fortunately for us, and her personal integrity aside, she just couldn't stay away from Twitter, and her next Tweet came on ... October 5. She didn't even make it a day without a tweet. Addicted much, Teresa? Oh her tweets started out neutral and nice, but once the finale aired Sunday, she was right back in the drama.

"I never said CHRIS had a stripper carwash. Why so sensitive? I thought Caroline was proud of it?" read one of her many tweets and retweets.

Plus, there are her Bravo blog and her blog on her personal website with which she's been filling the world wide web with her justifications and accusations. She hasn't slowly slipped away at all from anything, and I don't think she ever will until the last ounce of the spotlight has been sucked dry.

That's fine, we've come to expect that from Real Housewives, but it's the tone of all of her Tweets and blog posts that's so infuriating, because she's playing such the victim -- just like she always does. "The whole time we were filming [season 3], I had no idea what other people were saying about me. I just assumed they were all my friends," she blogged.

Why they would be her friends when she's been nothing but selfish, rude, and vindictive, she doesn't say, but that's her story, and she's sticking to it ... over and over. Even as she attempted to explain that she really loves and meant no insult to Caroline Manzo when she insulted her in her cookbook, she coated it in a syrupy, sweet, I-do-no-wrong veil with an aggressive title -- "Caroline? Really?"

Teresa, really? is all I have to say. I actually don't really want her to quit Twitter; it's more entertaining when she's adding to the drama. I just find it hilariously hypocritical that she made such a big public declaration of her departure from it and all the drama, then never left -- such a Teresa thing to do.

Did you think Teresa Giudice should quit Twitter?


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